Spybot S&D

  alB 18:03 20 Feb 11

Trolling around the net looking for upgrades/updates for some of my progs I found this click here Ah great I thought, an update to S&D, not so it seems, looks like another program with a very similar name, clicked the download button and it offers a hotbar installation went to the proper S&D website (Safer-Networking) and found I had the latest version ...alB

  birdface 19:15 20 Feb 11

Looks like a new site with no security clearence from WOT.
So maybe give your security programs a run just in case.

  tullie 19:22 20 Feb 11

That ones called Search Destroy,not Search & Destroy

  alB 20:25 20 Feb 11

Thanks, ran all my spyware/adware programs, nothing found, out of curiosity I googled Softlate..com and most of the common programs we use including MSE are offered by them, of course if you click the links it goes straight to the hotbar installation window, one to be wary of I think ...alB

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