Spell checker

  Djohn 20:35 20 Feb 03

Hi guy's I have lost my spell checker, the one that you can right click, and check your spelling in IE, or even in the message box here in the forum.

It was talked about quite a lot a few months back, I've tried a search, but can't seem to find the right one! Many thanks. J.

  Taran 20:57 20 Feb 03
  Djohn 21:03 20 Feb 03

Taran, that's the one! Many thanks. J.

  Coaster3 18:10 21 Feb 03

Don't try downloading it in Opera. Very wierd result!

  Djohn 18:18 21 Feb 03

I was using it with 98se, and forgot to save the address when I upgraded to win xp. Have now downloaded it and it works fine with xp and aol.

What I did do though was go to a lot of trouble saving my address book/Favourites/email, only to find that on install aol, it automatically replaced them anyway, because it keeps this info on the server. Doh!.......

Just done a spell check on this message, and it wants to alter, "Favourites" by removing the U, which one is correct? J. :o)

  jazzypop 18:34 21 Feb 03

Favorites is the American spelling of Favourites (UK spelling).

IESpell uses the MSWord dictionary. Open Word, go to Tools > Language > Set Language, click English (UK), then click Default.

This will ensure that Word (and IESpell) uses IK spellings, at least until you import a document with US spelling that changes your Normal.dot

  Djohn 18:38 21 Feb 03

jazzypop, many thanks, only reloaded word yesterday, and forgot to change setup. :o(

  jazzypop 18:51 21 Feb 03

I know - hope your new XP setup is still going well.

I just noticed that IESpell/MSWord did not spot the IK instead of UK spelling - I have just changed my Word setup so that it checks capitalised words :)

  Djohn 18:53 21 Feb 03

jazzypop :o)

  johndoe15 01:46 25 Feb 03

iespell is not related to MSWord and does not use its preference nor dictionary.

To change to UK (or Canadian) dictionary, go to "ieSpell Options"->"Language & Dictionaries"

To have ieSpell check CAPITALISED words, go to "ieSpell Options"->"General"


  Djohn 02:03 25 Feb 03

johndoe15, thank you, I only realised about 15 minutes back, when it kept on insisting colour was *color*, then I saw it staring me in the face! :o)

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