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Speed Upgrade

  rdave13 18:54 24 Mar 12

Having been used to 3 meg downlod speeds for many years I was surprised to see my profile jump to 6 meg. Living in a rural town in north Wales I never thought this would happen. I'm about a mile and a quarter away from the exchange, BT phone line and Plusnet my ISP. Anyone else had similar? This is my download speed. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1853779219.png Is this to do with the ISP's supplier or BT upgrading lines? Anyway a nice change from the usual problems you can get with BB.

  john bunyan 20:11 24 Mar 12

rdave13 I have been with Pipex for about 20 years. They used to be a big multinational plc supplier. Over the years there have been takeovers, the latest being by Talk Talk. I had big spam problems a couple of years ago, and they eventually solved that. For a long time (I am on up to 8mbps) I got about 4 -5, with occasional lapses to under 1. For quite a few months now I have been getting 8 - 10 mbps. I suspect my local exchange has become ADSL2 enabled. You can check if your exchange is ADSL2 enabled (Google as I cannot lay my hands on the link)

  john bunyan 20:12 24 Mar 12

Here is one:

ADSL2+ - BT exchanges

  john bunyan 20:15 24 Mar 12

Far bettr as it is Plus nets one!

BT Exchange info - Plusnet

  rdave13 20:19 24 Mar 12

Thanks for that but my exchange is not ADSL2 yet. The location I live at makes me think, sadly, it will be a few more years yet before that happens.

  john bunyan 20:28 24 Mar 12

Another reason may be, and this happened to me a while ago, that your ISP somehow arranges for ,say, 50 people to share one "pipe" - rather like 50 baths filled from one pipe. Then they provide a bigger "pipe" or reduce rthe numbers sharing. Pipex more or less admitted this after I moaned at a senior level. Maybe they have had complaints.

  rdave13 20:36 24 Mar 12

I've thought of the contention ratio but my profile has doubled to 6 Meg. I'm thinking that's it is the supplier to Plusnet that's done this. Just like having a Birthday present.

  HondaMan 13:15 27 Mar 12

Just compared mine as Plusnet is alsao my ISP:


  rdave13 22:40 27 Mar 12

HondaMan..... not bad,,sniff.

  finerty 15:00 29 Mar 12

have you tried 3 broadband works plugin in a usb dongle.

im not sure if it could benefit you. we had a couple of years then switched to virgin

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