Spectacle Cleaner

  Terry Brown 09 Jul 11

I, as I'm sure a lot of you, wear glasses, and there is nothing more annoying than dust,smears & fingerprints on the lenses.

You can clean them with a clean cloth,soap or even washing up liquid (Not recommended)however I have found a better option.

From your local Pound shop, get a LCD cleaning kit, consists of a bottle of liquid, cloth and brush. A light spray on your glasses, not only cleans them, but also seems to make them anti-static, so they stay cleaner for longer.


  ams4127 09 Jul 11

I just sling mine in the water, rub with soap, rinse and dry. It's worked for 65 years!!

  SparkyJack 09 Jul 11

Lidl sell own brand[W5]sachets of impregnated tissues 50 in a box for a pound or so.

Keep some in the car in your wallet/bumbag/handbag and you will be able to do the job where ever you are.

  finerty 09 Jul 11

Thanks Terry I pop down to my local pound shop.

  finerty 09 Jul 11

We old codgers have to stick wise advice

  BT 10 Jul 11

Calotherm and a tissue, or Specsavers own brand.

A little washing up liquid works like a dream, supposedly used by Anne Robinson on her large wardrobe of Specs.

  Terry Brown 10 Jul 11


Washing up liquid contains Sulphuric Acid, which can pit the lenses, if not cleaned off properly.

Sparkyjack Thanks for the tip about Lidl's



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