Sound cards, graphics cards and speakers

  Handy Spinner 13:30 01 Jan 04

Looking to spend about £35 on speakers, and probably the same for a sound card.

Will probably go for the Altec Lansing 221 speakers, as recommended in PC Advisor, but the sound card recommended there (Feb 2004) I can't find anywhere - the Hercules PCI GameSurround. Is this the same as the Fortissimo III?

What other options do people recommend? I use my PC for music and games, but I really am not bothered about sound for the games.

And graphics cards? If I get one, it will have to be a PCI card (no AGP slot) - what do people recommend there?

A Geforce 3/4 TI that is PCI based...

  sdf 14:21 01 Jan 04
  Handy Spinner 14:33 01 Jan 04

Actually, those speakers look quite good. Do you use them? How do they compare to the Altec I mention above?

Though I must add, 5.1 is the least of my how are they otherwise?

On tuesday i can give you a first hand bit of experience with them!

  sdf 14:53 01 Jan 04

Ive got some on order, I just thought for the price I dont have much to loose! I at the moment have some Creative 5300 and am keep to be rid of them. Im my experience, as i know many would aggree the only way to get a real idea of speakers is to hear them. Take a trip to PC world or elsewhere and hear them working - what is said speakers do and what they actually do is vastly different!

  Handy Spinner 15:00 01 Jan 04

Are they likely to compare to a 2 speaker + subwoofer system like the Altec?

  Handy Spinner 15:03 01 Jan 04

And what about sound cards worth about £35?

  sdf 15:09 01 Jan 04

Creative Sound Blaster Live. £35 from Novatech

  Handy Spinner 15:15 01 Jan 04

You have experience of that card?

  sdf 15:24 01 Jan 04

I got Audigy Platinum Ex - but still Creative. Ive heard lots of good things about the Live though

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