plainbob 17:35 05 Apr 04

I have just come accross this machine. It seems to match my requirements for a replacement PC with a small desk footprint.

Is there anyone out there with experience of it to share?

  ajm 19:41 05 Apr 04

A very good looking fashion machine. The specs are quite good, but you are paying a bit more for the Sony name.

Where are you buying or planning to buy it from and what price have you been quoted. Is it for personal use or business use?

  plainbob 20:05 05 Apr 04

AJM thanks for reply. It is for personal use. The price is £1260 in John Lewis. I currently have a 4 year old AJP Neo PC. This is the first alternative I have seen that matches the size - space is at a premium.

  TomJerry 20:42 05 Apr 04

As said by ajm, you are paying extra for sony name. One remind, sony use their own special components (same as other big box shifter), so it is not easy to change anything even difficult to install different operating system.

There are many small PC around, for example higrade's Xperian range click here. I saw one of higrade's machine, extremly impressed.

  ajm 20:59 05 Apr 04

Procomm are selling this same machine for 1229.99. they have a retail shop in Tottenham court road. It may be worth asking John Lewis to price match the product.
For your information, Sony will be releasing a similar machine to the Sony V1, but with a 17" widescreen. Have no idea what the price will be on the new Sony machine and when it will be released.

  sicknote 22:10 05 Apr 04

My experience with the early model was As tomjerry said,There no real scope for upgrading and if you have any major component failure the machine has to go back to sony which i found to be expensive.But if you can live with that it's not a bad PC.

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