Sony Batteries - is yours faulty?-check here

  v1asco 09:41 28 Oct 06

click here

This site tells all about the replacement for faulty batteries on VAIO Laptops

  anchor 12:00 28 Oct 06

Thanks for the link bugle; been waiting for this. It seems that my Vaio model is not affected.

  Danoh 12:16 28 Oct 06

Thanks bugle; mine neither which I know now thx 2 u!

  v1asco 22:43 28 Oct 06

Happy to oblige

Thats 3 - 0 so far.

Anyone have a faulty one?

  Dizzy Bob 23:01 28 Oct 06

I'm clear. Model is affected, but my serial no is OK

Thanks for the link Bugle


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