Some advise on GFX cards

  donki 09:49 19 Apr 06

Hi ya guys,

Im currently using a EVGA 7800GT and am really happy with it, got it on Ebay for £145 but at the same time i bought a new Point of View 7800GT again from Ebay and it has arrived yesterday. Should I put them in SLI mode or sell on? Would i notice much difference? When playing COD2 and Oblivion im getting over 40FPS on highest settings with no lag and smooth as silk. Do i nee the other one?

Thanks any advice

  Totally-braindead 10:00 19 Apr 06

Do you need the other one? Probably not. Can you put the other card in a SLI setup? I don't know. When it first came out it was stated that the cards had to be the same, you have 2 cards by different manufacturers ableit both 7800GTs there may be differences. I'll be interested in seeing if anyone has done the SLI thing with 2 different makes of cards as I don't know if it causes problems.
Regarding whether you would notice much difference I would think you wouldn't but I've not good such a good graphics card setup as you.

  donki 10:20 19 Apr 06

Apparently you can mix to diff manufacturers as long as card is the same, I've requested the SLI connector from MESH to give it a go. But I wont bother if i know there wont be much of a performance difference?

  Totally-braindead 10:31 19 Apr 06

Providing it works, and I have no personal experience of this which is why I am hesitant about it, from the reviews I have read SLI can give you a benefit of about 60%, sometimes more, sometimes less. But would you see the difference between 40 fps and say 65 fps? I doubt it, you already say you have all settings on full.

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