Software included with Mesh Elite E6600 PCA

  tobin 10:44 28 Nov 06

when I telephone Mesh on 27 November I was informed that the software listed for the Mesh Elite E6600 PCA - as the PCA best buy in the Top 10 £750 -£1000 PCs PCA December 2006, - was included as a 60 day trial only and would cost £100 to buy an dthey suggested that I transferred software from another computer. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  NCO 11:11 28 Nov 06

What Software are you missing?

  spuds 12:54 28 Nov 06

Most software supplied by computer manufacturers are 'bundled' packs, usually of a 'lite' or time limited period. Best to check on these arrangements before confirming a deal. The same may also apply to operating systems, whether an OEM or recovery disk is provided.Again best to check before striking a deal.

"they suggested that I transferred software from another computer". Before doing this task, check on any licencing agreement, as to whether this is allowed.

  Kate A 13:14 28 Nov 06

Spuds - although some of the pre-installed software may be trial versions, you should get the full operating system, shouldn't you?

I know it might be an 'OEM' version, but Windows XP shouldn't expire after two months.

  MESH Response 13:42 28 Nov 06

I am presuming the sales advisor would of been referring to the trial version of MS Office (60 days), the productivity suite, not the OS, which in this case is Win. XP Home - full version, OEM.

I can confirm categorically that your OS will not be timed out.


  tobin 13:50 28 Nov 06


Thank you so can you please confirm exactly what software is included with the computer, what is on trial for 60 days and what was I being asked to pay £100 for?

  MESH Response 14:04 28 Nov 06

Your PC will come with......
Free Microsoft® Works® 8.5
Cyberlink Video Editing Suite - 7 titles includes (oem) Cyberlink PowerDVD, Power2Go, PowerProducer3, PowerDirector3, PowerBackup, MediaShowSE, PowerCinema4
90 Days Bullguard 7.0 trial (full version)
60 Days Microsoft Office STE trial (full version)

Office STE includes Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint & Word.

You were, I’m guessing, advised that you can upgrade to the permanent version of Office STE for £100 + VAT from MESH, or indeed any other retailer - high street or on line.

Trust his is clear.

To see the MESH system page with links to the software descriptions - click here


Let me know if you have any other questions.


  tobin 14:16 28 Nov 06

Thank you. So can I expect to get Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint included at no extra cost with any of the PC's listed in any of the price ranges of top ten buys in PCA for December 2006 ?

  MESH Response 14:36 28 Nov 06


All submissions from MESH featured in any of the Advisor charts in Dec. will possess an Office STE trial - 60 day, at no additional cost.


  spuds 14:58 28 Nov 06

Perhaps I did not word my comments correct.

I was referring to 'other' software as perhaps 'bundled', lite or time limited versions. Not the operating system, hence my separate reference to OEM or recovery disk, and what would be suplied. Apologies if anyone mis-understood this ;O)

  HondaMan 16:20 28 Nov 06

Tobin, It looks like you will only get a 60 day trial doesn't it.

"60 Days Microsoft Office STE trial"

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