Smart Television

  morddwyd 07:18 AM 29 Mar 13

I've just had a e-mail from Curry's offering me all sorts of things to go with my new smart television.

Now I have never given my e-mail address to Curry', I hope I've got more sense than that, so the only way they could have got it is via the TV internet connection, or is there another way?

I intend to ask them how they got it, as I would have though mu address was subject to data protection legislation.

  spuds 11:20 AM 29 Mar 13

Like Jock1e as mentioned, there are a number of ways for obtaining information, and in this case the Dixon Group should provide an answer.

I recall the days, when most purchases from the Dixon Group there was always a request for 'future' contact information, that the customer could 'op-out' at purchase point. I have made very recent cash purchases at both PCW and Currys,and no further information request were made.

  morddwyd 09:02 AM 30 Mar 13

Thanks for the responses.

Yes I did purchase a new smart TV, on Monday, though I don't know if it was Curry's or PC World, as they are both in the same shop with the same cash desk.

Of course they asked all the usual questions - phone number, e-mail address, extended warranty, new cables, new aerial etc. and received the same negative reply to all of them, with the addition of a warning that if I received a letter from Domestic & General Insurance in a year's time I would report them to the Information Commissioner, so they would have some idea that I was a bit prickly about it!

So where did they get my e-mail address? I've never bought from them on-line, nor have I ever authorised any company to release my details to a third party, so if not from the TV then how?


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