Small FM Radios - where have they gone?

  john bunyan 13:59 29 May 09

I like to listen to (Radio 4) when pottering around and have owned a series of small pocket type, digital tuned FM radios, costing about £10 - £15, with headphones. Sony, Hitachi etc. My last one fell under my lawnmower. I have been to Maplin, Currys, Comet, John Lewis, and none stock these any more. It is very annoying as FM is quite good enough for me - DAB is too expensive and power hungry.Where can I buy one, and why have they fallen from favour?

  wee eddie 15:21 29 May 09

Your Mobile Phone may fit the bill.

My last 2 have had the facility of FM Reception. So that covers the last 5, or so, years of new models.

  I am Spartacus 15:32 29 May 09

Whilst nowhere near as cheap as £15 the Sansa Clip at around £30 has the advantage of being able to store mp3 tracks. I have an 8GB version of that model which cost £40 about 8 months ago and it's pretty good quality.

click here

  john bunyan 16:08 29 May 09

Thanks, but I do not want it on a mobile phone, nor with an mp3 player. You used to be able to get these quite smart FM radios, some designed to be water and jogging resistant, in a blister pack at the above mentioned stores. Am I so out of date to just want a simple FM radio? DAB is fine for bigger models but FM is far less demanding on batteries, and the quality is fine. Maybe I'll have to go back to Singapore to get one..........

  Si_L 16:34 29 May 09

Ebay have them for just a few quid.

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  BT 16:35 29 May 09

One here for a Fiver at Argos

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  961 16:37 29 May 09

I'm sure Currys et al can't be bothered anymore and just stock the DAB ones. Which is nonsense as we can't get DAB here

However, Amazon have a good selection with quite a few good ones around the £15/£20 mark

  TopCat® 16:39 29 May 09

the Roberts Sports 995. It's a great little AM/FM radio with presets and uses a single AAA battery.

They manufacture all types of radios and, though a little pricey, they are well worth it in my estimation. TC.

Have a look at click here

  john bunyan 17:53 29 May 09

Thanks everyone - I will follow up the leads and mark this as resolved.

  bjh 18:13 29 May 09

... but my local pound shop has these (if what I describe is what you want). There were two designs, but a basic volume control, a press button for next station, headphones. There's no display that I could see. Price £1. Simple stuff, but probably does the job.

  Stuartli 18:17 29 May 09

Nip to your local discount store - most have at least two or three cheap AM/FM radios that will do the job required (I presume you are mostly listening to speech rather than music).

In my case, I bought the other half a Steepletone MBR305DK about three years ago (digital tuning and AM/FM, alarm etc) for only £22. Excellent neat metal case in silver and reasonable sound.

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