skype on 3g

  bluenote 14:05 30 Oct 05

Vodaphone 3g connection is said to be £1 per megabyte,so how much would a SKYPE phone call of,say,five minutes cost.

  bremner 20:22 30 Oct 05

Your question is confusing.

You seem to be talking about 3g data transfer costs, which is not a phone call - and then Skype telephone calls which can only be made through an internet connection.

What comparison are you trying to make?

  bluenote 23:25 30 Oct 05

I asumed that the 3g connection was a mobile connection therfore one could make a skype phone call using it.

  bluenote 23:50 30 Oct 05

If the 3g vodaphone card is not a mobile phone connector ,what is it?

  bremner 17:21 31 Oct 05

Ah I see - you mean you are slotting a Vodafone PC Card into the computer to connect to the net.

I can not answer your question as I do not use Skype - someone who does may be able to say how much data is sent / received during a 5 minute call.


  bluenote 19:07 31 Oct 05

Thanks anyway bremner. checking on google I don't think it works like that after all.But if anyone can explain ,I would be grateful.

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