Sky Plus warranty

  Yangster 14:01 18 Oct 06


Does anyone else experience problems with Warranty with their Sky plus boxes... it seems really spooky to me but I have had my sky plus for two weeks past the year and its suddenly stopped working - this also happened to my last sky box!!!

OK I fully admit I should have learnt my lesson from the first incidence but it just seems like too much of a coincidence that both boxes failed just after 1 year - its as if they have a self destruct mechanisim on them or that Sky has the ability to send down the self destruct code to the box if you dont renew your warranty contract then youre stuck with £60 for a call out plus labour cost and the engineer goes on about you buying a warranty.

Anybody elses Sky box failed just after having it for a year or am I just very unlucky?

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  anskyber 14:27 18 Oct 06

Can you explain the relevance of the link?

  Yangster 14:44 18 Oct 06

Sorry thats just my website for anyone who is interested.

  anskyber 15:08 18 Oct 06

Oh good, I thought for a moment you were trying to advertise on this site.

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