Sky may buy Tiscali

  anchor 10:43 15 Dec 08

It was reported last month that Sky were interested in buying Tiscali.

The latest post on The Register, (10/12/08), confirms this.

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Tiscali has had a lot of stick over the months, but is Sky ISP better?.

  anchor 10:45 15 Dec 08

Sorry, the link was to "Broadband Finder", which was the most recent I could find.

  anchor 15:21 17 Dec 08

Does anyone use Sky as their ISP?.

If so, what is their opinion?.

  curofone 15:58 17 Dec 08

they are probably one of the best around, if i was going for adsl broadband i would probably either choose Sky, O2 or zen depending what offers they each had at the time of changing

  sunnystaines 16:13 17 Dec 08

seen mixed feedback on sky.

[watching closely as I am a bulldog isp user]

  anchor 17:03 17 Dec 08

I was with Pipex for some years; they were sold to Tiscali. It now seems possible that Tiscali may sell to Sky; hence my interest.

  anchor 16:28 26 Dec 08

Sky were certainly interested in buying Tiscali but now appear to have pulled out, as have Vodafone. It seems Tiscali want too much.

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  spuds 17:04 26 Dec 08

Looks like the options are getting slimmer, or a behind the scenes sudden take-over might be pending, depending on valuation.

Some of the previous major players have walked away, only to return with a different offer. Let's see what 2009 brings!.

  jack 10:06 27 Dec 08

of a common server
SKY is in fact based on Easynet[owned by SKY] but also operate several other 'labels'including UKONLINE
TalkTalk//MSN is another
So it pays to carry out an in depth investgation as to who owns what and which base server carries the geatest volume

  spuds 11:24 27 Dec 08

Tiscali use the BT infrastructure (like many other ISP's), and in the past BT and Tiscali/Lineone had very strong commercial providing links. This all changed when Surftime was discontinued, and Tiscali went its own commercial way (to a point!).

BT was one of the main competitors for a Tiscali take-over, but they abandoned ship at the first round of talks. Others included Virgin and another 'unknown'. Sky and Talk Talk (Carphone Warehouse) have walked away in the past, only to return.

I know in my part of the country, Virgin are trying to get as much of the Broadband and other services capacity that they can gain. Methinks in the New Year, we will be hearing further high progress developments. But then again, didn't Tiscali go on a very large buying spree a few years ago, only to fall by their own sword, with the end results of trying to offload. In other words we have been through it all before.

Whatever the case, Tiscali (or who) will have to provide a more direct and improved customer service, instead of the one they have at present.

  Stuartli 11:36 27 Dec 08

MSN is a messenger service...

You are probably thinking of/confusing Carphone Warehouse's ownership of TalkTalk and AOL - in fact TalkTalk's home page is based on that of AOL, although both companies enjoy autonomy.

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