Sky digital +

  Kate B 13:51 03 Mar 05

Has anyone got this? If so, can you put the box on your network and stream content to PCs?

  stephen0205 17:59 28 Mar 05

it cant go through the network but u can but a tv tuner card and use the arial cable through it and u can watch sky on u r pc why u want to watch it on u r pc anyway

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:28 28 Mar 05

I'm bemused but I think you have answered your own here

  Kate B 19:57 28 Mar 05

I idly wondered if you could do it because I'm occasionally on the box and although I can usually get a vhs from the programme-maker it would be much more convenient to archive my own stuff digitally rather than hang on to odd tapes.

  pauldonovan 19:35 29 Mar 05 could use a dvd recorder then grab the dvd to your PC.

Or...theoretically you could use a TV Card or Media Center type setup to take the Sky signal but it wouldn't be able to pick the programs I suppose so you'd have to leave it on the appropriate channel - same with dvd recorder I guess :(

Be nice if Sky launched such a thing - I bet there's something out there that can do it.

  Kate B 20:13 29 Mar 05

I hadn't thought of the dvd option, that's a good idea pauldonovan, thanks. I'm still waiting for the ideal hard drive/dual digital tuner/tvr set up ...

  pauldonovan 20:29 29 Mar 05 TV throughout your home, with the remote signal sent back. I think you can get Freeview TV Cards for PCs so that should cover most channels other than some of the more obscure Sky ones. I'd like something you can program over the net so you can record something from work.

  Kate B 20:41 29 Mar 05

yes, that's one crucial bit of the wired home that seems to be missing! Maybe it will come with 802.11n and the faster streaming speeds ... I'm holding off on decisions about buying a Sky box or a Media Centre PC - it slightly depends on whether I get a job I'm in for. That's out of my hands!

  pauldonovan 21:06 29 Mar 05

...and let us know when you get what you want so we can get it too!

I'm getting a PC with Media Center 2005 on it, but only because its included.

  accord 21:17 29 Mar 05

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  GibsonSt19 10:40 30 Mar 05

I'm intruiged as to what telly progs you're on.

I didn't know we had any famous people here in the forums!

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