Sky Broadbeand Info Needed

  Amberlodge 20:59 02 Dec 06

Can anyone tell me how Sky are providing Broadband..

My guess is that it is really BT Total Broadband,, anyone know the answer?


  Dipso 21:10 02 Dec 06

Depends which package, but to get the Base (2Meg), Mid (8Meg) and Max (16Meg) products you have to be in an area covered by an Easynet unbundled (LLU) exchange, this is the network Sky are using.

The Connect (8Meg) package is just like ADSL Max the up to 8 Meg service provided by many ISP's including BT. The majority of exchanges can receive this now.

  Amberlodge 21:21 02 Dec 06

I should have said that I have taken the MAX option and it was installed for me on the 11th Nov but I'm still waiting for activation.

BT tell me that my line has been activated but there is nothing in the tracking on

I understand now that I should be looking for LLU activation.

This is a brand new line by the way and my first adsl broadband supply


  Dipso 21:25 02 Dec 06

What does this tell you? click here

  Amberlodge 21:35 02 Dec 06

Hi Dipso

Thank you for your help.

What information do you want to know. I have snapshot the info displayed. Is there a way to attach files on the forum?


  Dipso 21:42 02 Dec 06

It's supposed to detect the status of your order and whether it's LLU or ADSL.

You can copy and paste the info here if not clear but I'd remove any personal information like your telphone number and exchange name first.

  Amberlodge 21:48 02 Dec 06

The Line status says it looks like a standard line without ADSL enabled

The exchange is ADSL enabled up to 8000k but there is no mention of LLU


  Dipso 22:25 02 Dec 06

OK try this, go to click here and enter your details. When you get the results click on LLU xDSL on the left. Look for Easynet and see what it says. 08:26 03 Dec 06

Sky You can change to this but only if your exchange has been activated by the Sky Company setup. What Sky can do is to give you a temp BT setting until such time as Sky get round to upgrading your exchange. I have been waiting for months already and my last conversation with a Rep indicates I shall have to wait several more months. I chose to stay with my ISP until my exchange is done. I will not pay BTs prices they are higher than my ISP monthly

  Stuartli 13:04 03 Dec 06

All but a small number of BT exchanges are ADSLMax enabled.

EasyNet enabled exchanges at:

click here

as per Dipso's advice.

  suburban train 14:17 03 Dec 06

why do you say you will regret moving to sky broadband?

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