Sky broadband anyone?

  Forum Editor 11:36 19 May 07

I'm being swamped with information about Sky broadband, and I have to say the 'Max' offer of £10 a month for a connection that runs up to 16Mb does look interesting.

Are any of you using the service, and if so, does it live up to expectations?

  Rose 12:44 19 May 07

Was working with a client who has Sky broadband connection and needed to download Vista compatible drivers and software for a HP printer. If the connection failed once it failed 10 times! We did get there in the end but what a nightmare. I wouldn't touch it if reliability of service is important to you.

  De Nada 13:14 19 May 07

Had sky mid broadband for two months now, after i sorted settings out etc,it is working like a dream,i dont know what this means but i downloaded an update of one of my programs,i think it was about 22mbs,and the download speed reached 850.1 at its max,so i think its like everything else,for some its great,and others not so,

  De Nada 13:16 19 May 07

or is it kbs ?.

  mobileman1953 17:13 19 May 07

i have been on the free 2mb connection now for 4 months has never let me down yet

  laurie53 17:57 19 May 07

Chance would be a fine thing!

Despite all the hype still not available to me.

Must admit I'm a bit puzzled as to why. I already have broadband, and could change to at least half a dozen other providers, so why can't I get it from Sky?

  Bandy 09:25 20 May 07

My daughter, in London, uses the system to which you refer and is very pleased with it.

She finds both the speed and reliability excellent.

Using the supplied Netgear wireless router it is networked around the house. My grandaughter uses her linux based desktop on the top storey and my daughter runs her laptop in the garden, with her desktop and router in a study.

I can't remember when I set it up for her but think its about 18 months ago.

She decided on the system basically on price, whilst I suggested that I had seen and heard a lot of complaints about Sky here and elsewhere - however to the best of my knowledge she has never had a problem

  birdface 10:11 20 May 07

It looks like a great offer,Unfortunately it is not in my area yet,I think they have to up-grade the telephone exchange in each District.The sooner the better I have to pay £17.99 a month for 2Mb with Ntl.

  Graham. 10:54 20 May 07

I have the Max 16Mb, I get up to 11Mb download speed. It's not capped, so I can watch 4oD, etc., with no worries.

You have to be a Sky digital customer, the £10 is added to the bill. I'm a delighted customer, not had any spam in the 3 months I've been on.

Skyuser forum: click here

  Joe R 13:53 20 May 07

Set up my brothers system for Sky (8Mb) around a month ago, and he is of the opinion that it is better than his last server. (Wannadoo)

At only £5 per month (40GB) I may be looking at it myself shortly, as I am starting to worry about my cable service. (Virgin)

  Kate B 15:45 20 May 07

I had a long conversation with a chap from when I was writing a piece about getting online for the Sunday Telegraph and he reckoned that Sky's customer service wasn't great. click here which could be a dealbreaker for some.

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