laurie53 05:46 14 Nov 08

I’ve just upgraded my Sky box

They can’t install the new box until December 9th but I notice from my bank statement that they took the money, and the installation fee, on 30 October.

Now while this may be perfectly legal, and I understand the need to pay in advance for some services, surely it is against all normal codes of practice to be earning interest on my money for around five weeks?

(inadvertently posted this on Helproom too)

  dagnammit 08:42 14 Nov 08

To get you in the queue for the work they have to process your request there and then, and that means taking the money too.

What deal did you get?

  dagnammit 08:43 14 Nov 08

It's not actually Sky who do the work, it is outside contractors/engineers, at least in Belfast it is.

  laurie53 12:25 14 Nov 08

Don't mind the wait, it's taking the money so early I object to.

I think I might see what the Ofcom guidance is.

  Spark6 16:10 14 Nov 08

Sky appear to have their own set of rules and practices. Try to obtain a response from them without telephoning or cancelling your direct debit! They do not respond to letters, their response to emails is diabolical and if it wasn't for my better half I would pack them in tomorrow.

Their newspaper and flier advertisements should act as a deterrent, a lot of the important information, to the customer that is, is in such tiny print that I doubt if many folk manage to read and understand it. The cost of telephone calls just happens to be in the small print.

  dagnammit 17:01 14 Nov 08

It took my wife 2 calls lasting a total of 1 1/2 hours debating with a guy about why she was cancelling... She ended up accepting a downgrade rather than a cancellation. I eventually had to do it and the guy was very rude.

If Virgin went bust and all last resort things happened I still wouldn't go back to Sky.

  laurie53 19:39 14 Nov 08

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately there's no cable hereabouts and they are in a monopoly position.

With a semi-invalid wife who spends up to 18 hours a day in bed, TV is one of her few breaks from books and crosswords.

  tullie 20:20 14 Nov 08

I have never had a problem with Sky over the years ive had,and found their customer support very good,maybe i have been lucky.

  dagnammit 20:21 14 Nov 08


My sister lives a bit away from us and I visited her recently. I thought "Hmmm, this is a nice neighbourhood" then I looked at the pavement and realised no cable..... and thought "No way".

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