skills train ? information needed please

  g.1.g 13:11 25 Oct 07

Not sure which area I should post this for help.

Please please tell me this is a legitimate course.
I seen the advert on tv for skillstrain and am assumming it is a legitimate business and course I am paying 75 a month for 3 years and at the end will have done five modules and exams for the CIW COURSE
Certified internet webmaster (website design manager)
I have been guaranteed a job at the end of the course aswell which makes it even more interesting but also too good to be true.
Am I being ripped off or is this legitimate.
Please Help As first payment is due tommorrow.
Thank You in advance

  Smiler 14:00 25 Oct 07

Where is it advertised so we can view it

  Smiler 14:00 25 Oct 07

Sorry that should have read have you a web address for us to view the proposal

  techie4me 14:02 25 Oct 07

Never used then nor would I.
£2,700 to get the qualication seems a bit steep, you could probably do the same course at a local college for a lot less!

As for want you will earn at the end doubt you will get to earn that!

  techie4me 14:03 25 Oct 07
  Smiler 14:04 25 Oct 07

Just found the website and there are 8 and a half pages of testimonials so that should tell you something.

  g.1.g 14:14 25 Oct 07

Right so 2700 is a bit steep but he said it was in the region of 5000 but as I am on a low income I get help with funding. I thought according to the guy the ciw is an industry standard qualification ie any webdesigner has heard of it or is trained from it ?
College would be exellent but I work full time mornings and nights so there is not much chance of doing it there plus college don't do detailed courses, might be wrong.

  g.1.g 14:28 25 Oct 07

All the testimonials seem to say what you want them to say.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:51 25 Oct 07

I've only looked at the first two pages of testimonials and none of them actually say that they have a job...I may be wrong but....... Here click here states that it has issued 116,000 certificates for GIW..just how many webmasters are needed in this world?


  Chris the Ancient 16:37 25 Oct 07

Your points - one at a time...

Skillstrain are a legitimate company.

I have done a skillstrain course for MOUS. Their course was legitimate - but I did find a lot of the material was 'bought in' out of date and, at times, inaccurate.

Nobody, but nobody, can 'guarantee a job'! What they did for me was offer me one free job-finding consultation.

Is their certificate a nationally recognised one? As issued to 'real' people? By 'real' people?

Costings? In hindsight, I found the MOUS course expensive for what it was. I could have found a cheaper way of doing it. But, they do have to earn enough money to pay for all that advertising.

Additionally, qualification examinations (for Microsoft Office, anyway) are taken when it suits them, not you. This can easily end up adding a few months at the end after you've finished studying.

All in all, I cannot realistically and honestly give them a recommendation following my experiences.



  Chris the Ancient 17:37 25 Oct 07

Whenever I complained, or fed back errors and shortcomings, did I ever get any thanks, apologies, communication or anything? Did I heck as like!

Responses to assignments were very obviously computer-generated and soul-less. All in all, I was just a number.

Sausage machine comes to mind.

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