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  caast©? 20:26 02 Mar 04

I listened to this guy a few months ago on the Radio.

Since then I have subscribed to his e-mail and regularly get an e-mail with load of tips.

I recently found a flight to Malaga £22 return.

Thought I should share this with everyone, if no-one has heard of him. M

click here

  Stuartli 08:32 03 Mar 04

Re the comments on finding out the cheapest energy saving deals he writes about.

Last month I did a search to find the cheapest deal to switch my gas and electricity bills - one of the websites specialising in this form of comparisons came up with a best saving of £117 annually on average.

So I went to the website of the company concerned - Virgin - and entered exactly the same details.

Annual saving? £14.76...

  anchor 08:49 03 Mar 04

Being now a proud possessor of a Bus pass, I am have joined what what must be the best deal all round. Its called "Staywarm".

click here

We have quite a large house, and I am saving about £350 year, with an unmetered supply of gas and electricity.

Martin Lewis does not mention this at all.

  caast©? 11:07 03 Mar 04

Don,t keep it to your self I,m sure M L would be most interested to learn.

Check out the discussion forum that is where I found the Cheap Flights, £22 return,Malaga I cannot get accross the Pennines for that.

  caast©? 11:17 03 Mar 04

If you use them M L is always upto date with the best deals, and even tells you how to make money from them.

I am sure there will always be someone who can better that deal that you have just got, the pub is full of them, and many are genuine.

Trouble is they dont share most of the time, or its a one off deal only they have been able to enjoy.

Here if you find a good deal, you can share it with everyone else, that is Martin,s pilosophy, how many people are paying for Sky movies when they can have them for Free? how many subscribe to Sports world package and can get Movies free?

sorry anchor powergen are not the cheapest around keep looking it pays to shop around but note how the big companies are swallowing up the real people who provide cheap energy
back to the monopolistic days of nationisation by the back door

  Stuartli 17:09 03 Mar 04

I checked out Staywarm a few months ago - it did seem to offer remarkable benefits financially.

The reason I checked out the energy savings websites was because my wife kept being bothered by a Scottish Power rep trying to get her to switch - eventually I collared him and pointed out it was even cheaper on line with his company and he went away very chestfallen.

  rickf 17:42 03 Mar 04

BTW, how old does one have to be to be entitled to free travel. Silly question, I know. I should know but I don't. This prompted by anchor's posting.

  Forum Editor 19:09 03 Mar 04

but in London you get your 'Freedom pass' when you're sixty - it entitles you to free travel on all public transport.

I don't have mine just yet!

  R4 20:24 03 Mar 04

Stay warm is more expensive than my current 'Duel Energy' provider.

Travel passes cost a fiver and only give 50% rediuction in fares in Hampshire.

  ch0pper 20:39 03 Mar 04

I do hope that you have a duAl energy supplier.

A duEL between gas and electric seems to be a potentially explosive situation!

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