Single tariff electric meter

  Graham. 16:24 13 May 10

My neighbour has been told by his supplier that he would save money if they change his electricity meter to a single tariff one.

But would that limit his choice of supplier in the future? Any other drawbacks?

  Woolwell 18:01 13 May 10

It shouldn't affect his choice of supplier. Is he currently on Economy 7? He may well have a variable rate meter with 2 dials one for day and the night/off peak (high or low rate). Put his figures for consumption into some of the comparison sites and see what they come up with.

  interzone55 20:17 13 May 10

A lot of people will save money by moving away from plans like Economy 7, as the tariff between 8am and 10pm (when most electricity is used) is mych higher on these plans.

The only reason to have economy 7 is if you have storage heaters, which are a waste of time anyway to be honest.

  spuds 21:00 13 May 10

Your local council may have an Energy Advice section, if so, contact them for free advice. Changing tariff's and supplier's can lead to confusion, especially if a long term contract is involved.

I made a telephone call to our supplier the other day about a wrong estimate reading, and during the conversation I was informed that "it looks like your capped contract is coming to an end shortly-do you want to sign for another deal". The only problem, was the adviser couldn't provide details of other 'better' deals at that time.

  ronalddonald 23:20 13 May 10

spuds your right their they done they same to me, its funny if your ring all of them they tend to tell you go the website yet they cant tell you over the phone

  Kevscar1 06:30 14 May 10

Cheapest deals are on the websites. Talking to Npower about my problems paying. Girl told me to go to the website as I could change to aplan there that would save me over £200 per year.

  961 10:08 14 May 10

The only way to establish the cheapest tariff is to use a comparison site such as that operated by Which?

click here

He'll need an accurate guide to his meter readings for the last 12 months

  spuds 16:25 14 May 10

The only problem with that,the adviser that I had a discussion with, stated that there would be new rates shortly, and it could effect the whole market regarding comparisons.

Then if correct, each company is a competitor against each other, but somehow they seem to have similar regional competition and increases ;O(

  961 16:29 14 May 10

Yes, but the question was related to the advice to change to a single tariff meter

A comparison site will establish the relative annual costs between dual and single tariff meters, after which it can then be decided which company can offer the cheapest deal

  Miké 21:26 15 May 10

Having a dual tariff meter doesn't necessarily mean that you are on economy seven or similar! We inherited a two dial meter, all that is done is that the two readings are added together.

  Graham. 22:39 15 May 10

Thanks, that makes sense.

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