simple video editor required to add special effects?

  theDarkness 21 Feb 13

Im looking for software that is able to add special effects to videos-the equivalent of adobe filtering, eg blurring, sharpening, lighting, swirl, denoise etc? Its for a mp4 video I wish to use on a dvd menu. No cropping or resizing required. I can find online editing tools to upload videos up to around 30MB, but they do little more than cropping or in terms of any effects, remove colour at the most. Can anyone recommend anything? The most effects to choose from the better. Thanks

  Nontek 22 Feb 13
  theDarkness 25 Feb 13

thanks for the link, I could not find any decent lists before. Just about every tool I could find that did add special effects either didnt save the file in the same format as before, or was a trial-fully paid for suite with multiple options I didnt need. The suites likely wont run anyway-im on a 2007-ish laptop at the moment, and the big companies such as adobe etc annoyingly dont like to allow users to download previous versions of programs with far lower minimum system requirements.I wouldnt bother with the big names such as adobe as many suites are overloaded with unnecessary material and take up too much hdd space. If I find anything I will post up my program of choice, but.. nothing yet :) thanks

  chub_tor 25 Feb 13

This is the Serif cut down version of MoviePlus it is entirely free but you will be nagged to buy the full version. If you have a thick skin just ignore the nags, it is a good product.


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