Sim Card

  shellship 22:27 04 Mar 08

Can't see if this one has been raised in PCA before, though in lots of other forums (fora). Am about to buy car with built in hands free phone facility. which needs transfer of sim card to work. Bad for card and mobile to transfer card from mobile to car every time. 02 say cannot supply extra card. Selling garage say just get one. Forums say illegal or, nowadays, not possible. Why do motor makers provide this excellent facility if practicality rules it out. 02 say buy a Pay as you go card for car............

  Forum Editor 22:40 04 Mar 08

but for a different reason. I wanted a second SIM so that I could operate two handsets on the same number (don't ask).

I know someone who works at a fairly senior level for one of the networks, and I tried to get a favour, but she told me the same story - you can't have a second SIM on a personal phone account under any circumstances. She said I could have extra SIMs if I entered into a commercial contract, and had more than eight different numbers, but otherwise no deal.

Certain cars are more likely to be driven by business users, and maybe that's why they have the facility.

  lisa02 09:53 05 Mar 08

Put a pay as you go in the car and then activate call forwarding on your own phone?

  shellship 10:07 05 Mar 08

FE. Thanks but no thanks. Seems logical (as you usually are).

Lisa02. O2 had suggested to me that I should get a PAYG card for the car but they did not suggest call forwarding. Brilliant idea. Thanks. I'll go to see 02 later today and see about the implications.

  crosstrainer 11:18 05 Mar 08

Implications are cost I'm afraid....They will charge you for every forwarded call. The FE's route is the only one you can take, and is clearly not practical in your situation.

How about bluetooth hands free?

  shellship 12:22 05 Mar 08

In my old car I have bluetooth hands free with a Parrot but the new one just comes with the phone system already there. I've had a v helpful session at an O2 shop and got myself a PAYG Sim and pogrmmed my phone to divert to the PAYG when swiched off. I'll just see how it all goes. If it looks like being costly I'll get myParrot installed in the new machine. Thanks all for your help.

Interestingly, the O2 chap said he thought that Orange might do duplicate Sims and when I popped into a Vodaphone shop they implied that they too provide this service.

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