Should warranty still cover laptop?

  Davoli73 10 Aug 12

My step daughter got a laptop from Currys for Xmas 2011, the screen has now go black.

It looks like it is impact damage but she swears she didn't drop it. The screen or surrounding area isn't damaged at all.

Just want to know where we stand.

  Nontek 10 Aug 12

Are you sure it is damaged?

Lots of PC screens go black, but mostly none are actually damaged.

  HondaMan 10 Aug 12

It looks like it is impact damage


  Davoli73 11 Aug 12

Ok, it looks like impact due to the fact that the screen no longer functions properly. You can still see part of text on screen but not enough to understand what its says. There are also multi-coloured lines through centre of screen

  Nontek 11 Aug 12

I would advise you to put your question, based around your last response on this thread, into the Tech Helproom Forum. I don't think this is a Consumer problem - I don't think this would be covered by any warranty.

You will probably get better more detailed information there.

  spuds 11 Aug 12

It might pay to contact Currys and possibly Know How, and see what they might say or recommend.

Some computer warranties have a clause in them for accidental damage. If you have household insurance with accidental cover, there might be something there to check. Assuming that the problem was caused by an accident?.


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