Should i buy these 2 items ? [notebook and graphic card]

  diantonio 09 Jul 12

I found these 2 items and i think there pretty cheap. Should i buy them ?

  1. Dell Mini 10V (1011) Black Netbook - 75£ (138 other second hand offer with less ram and hard) Atom 1.6 2GB DDR2-667 250GB HD Adapter + Bag

Mainly i need it for surfing and to support my university project. I need a notebook with a strong keyboard and long battery life. What do you think, is it a good offer ?

  1. I am trying to build my PC configuration part by part. Yesterday i found this guy selling :

EVGA NVIDIA GTX 480 1.5GB 100£ (180new)

Is it a good offer ?

I really need your support, especially for the video card, as i want to build the best for the price :) Thanks in advance !

  frybluff 09 Jul 12

Subject to the usual caveats about buying second hand electronics:

Netbook seems good value, perhaps even too good a value. How old, and have you seen it? At the end of the day, it's whether you trust the seller not to con you with a "pup". Bear in mind it is a NETBOOK so whilst it may do the basics (browsing, word processing) OK, don't expect it to do anything very clever, or very fast. On the plus side Dell tech support are pretty helpful, although presumably it's out of warranty, so you can't expect more than very basic help, for free.

The GTX480 is a good card, up there with some of the best. £100 is a fair price, assuming it's in good nick. Again, you're back to how honest, and reliable the seller is. Again you are fortunate in as much as EVGA have good reputation for technical support, should you have any issues. Also, some of their kit has "lifetime" warranty, but you need full model number to confirm that.

Good luck with your build. I'm in the same process myself.

  D@ve 09 Jul 12

As I found out the hard way, EVGA will not honour their lifetime warranty unless the product is registered within 30 days of purchase. I'm fairly sure they won't cover a 2nd hand item either. The only company I'm aware of that does is XFX.

  frybluff 09 Jul 12


Glad you pointed that out, as I'm currently looking at getting some kit, from EVGA, and may have missed that one.

Having said that, if diantonio is going to get a second hand graphics card, EVGA is probably one of better manufacturers if he should get a problem. Personally, I'd be sceptical of anything electronic, secondhand, but it's that, a personal choice.


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