Should I buy new laptop or repair my old one?

  johnsmithmisc6 08:58 10 Apr 13

I own a HP Pavilion dv5 1104AX laptop. Specs: 3GB RAM 2.1 GHz AMD Dual Core Processor 64 bit 320 GB harddisk

My motherboard is damaged and needs replacement. Cost is Rs. 10000 ($180). This is one-fourth the cost of my original laptop.

Is it worth spending the money? Would my computer function normally for at least an year. I am a disciplined user with my laptop and since past 4 years faced no issue. This is the first time.

I am happy with the specs and not willing to go for a new laptop, as I am bit contrained on money.

Please advice if I am correct on investing in a new motherboard. Would an Authorized HP Repair centre be the best person to do the replacement?

Thanking you.

  Ex plorer 10:31 10 Apr 13

First how do you know the Mother board has gone.

I would get a estimate from a reputable local repair shop to supply and fix the board. You would then have a guarantee on the board and work.

Then you can work out if its worth it.

It may be cheaper to buy new and sell yours on ebay for spares and repairs. This way you can recover some money.

If you are certain its the board you could have a go and replace it your self.

There are quite a few sites that show how to go about the replacement and tips on what you should do. see here You would also need the drivers for the board that normally come with the laptop when new on a DVD or CD.

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