Shopping around DOES pay

  Uboat 19:23 23 Mar 09

Ive just been looking for a new router & i came to these two individual companies (So it seems) they look the same they most probably are BUT whats with the price differance.?

click here

click here

  wiz-king 19:36 23 Mar 09

Different part no's.

  Uboat 20:02 23 Mar 09

Mmm are you sure.? if so how & where they look exactly the same

  BRYNIT 21:26 23 Mar 09

A quick look and they are bother part of the same company.

The catalog number relates to how they are selected from stock. The descriptions are the same so I would say they are the same item. Its like buying from PC World and Currys same company but sometimes different prices.

  Stuartli 00:03 24 Mar 09

Key in the particular Buffalo model number into Google and you will bring up a range of prices from various outlets.

But always add the cost of delivery to the price to ensure you work out the cheapest overall price.

  interzone55 08:53 24 Mar 09

Additions is part of the Great Universal Stores group, who belong to the Barclay Brothers if memory serves.

The price difference is down to how the companies operated historically.

Great Universal Stores was, and probably still is, a mail order catalogue club where you used to pay for stuff weekly, the catalogue price included the interest for 20 weeks payments or whatever.

Additions was originally spun off from Argos, so the prices were the standard store price, and interest was added if you paid weekly.

We had the same problem when I worked at Index, our Index Extra catalogue was the same as the many Littlewoods Home Shopping catalogues, but the catalogue prices were much lower, and I often had to explain to customers why this was...

  Uboat 10:47 24 Mar 09

alan14/BRYNIT & wiz-king

Thankx for explaing that so it IS the same product then...Cheek of

  Audio~~Chip 13:41 24 Mar 09

why pay that price when you can get a Netgear which would do the job for arround £40 - £50 max.

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