Ringtone Ripoff

  albu 10:32 31 Dec 05

Ringtone Issue-

I received the ringtone link and when I went to download it, a message read" The requested page is not available. Please choose another link."

I then received an email saying that my phone a Sony Ericsson K700i was incompatible with the ringtones?

Yet, according to their website mentioned below, the K700i is okay for true tones.

Phone Make / Model Monotone Polyphonic Truetone Wallpaper
Sony Ericsson / F500i NO YES YES YES
Sony Ericsson / K500i NO YES YES YES
Sony Ericsson / K700 NO YES YES YES

Their customer care/complaints email service has gone dead?
Beware the bad service of, avoid it like a plague.

  SG Atlantis® 11:26 31 Dec 05

your phone should be ok.

Do what I do. get a belkin bluetooth adaptor from pcworld for £20 and transfer them all yourself plus mp3's.

  spuds 17:41 31 Dec 05

I know nothing about, but trading standards have issued a warning about downloading ringtones from certain sites. You could be racking up extra charges, while you are connected and trying to sort the problem out.

  BigRik 16:17 01 Jan 06

All I know about the ringtones are what you've said here, but I feel I should mention that just before Xmas my wife bought the boys Finding Nemo from them for an absolute bargain price.

It's completely genuine, delivery was free and they received it in just a few days after ordering.

I'm sorry about your ringtone issue, but my experience suggests they're not all bad!

However you do it though, keep trying to contact them. I think any company worth its salt would want feedback, good or bad.

  Rayuk 18:53 01 Jan 06

The K700 is,doesnt mention the K700i although you would expect it to be compatible.

  albu 12:17 03 Jan 06


  pavvi 22:54 03 Jan 06

the k700i is tghe k700....and it definitely is compatible with truetones although there are different formats which not all handsets will recognise...

  SG Atlantis® 22:59 03 Jan 06

for compatibility most of these sites provide in mp3 format and give ya previews in wav, wav isn't supported by any phone that I have had the experience of.

K700 and k700i are one in the same, it does support mp3, midi and a couple of other formats can't remeber of the top of my head.

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