Secure Passwords

  morddwyd 05 Jul 12

I tried to buy a Kindle book earlier this morning.

In a procedure that was new to me I was redirected from Amazon to a third party site where I had to open an account.

Tried three different passwords, all rejected as not being secure enough.

The format and mix I use is acceptable to three banks and two credit cards, with different digits, obviously, without demur, but not to an on-line bookseller.

Couldn’t be bothered with their convolutions and machinations so knocked it on the head.

They have lost a sale, and I can’t get my book. However, plenty of books around, not sure if it’s that easy to attract new customers though!

  spuds 05 Jul 12

I had a problem on the Barclaycard website with Visa security password clarification last year. Never a problem anywhere else.

Contacting Barclaycard, and was informed that it was a known problem on some accounts, but they didn't have a time scale for fixing the problem?.

On-line banking and purchases is the way forward, if you can put up with the little obstacles perhaps, and try elsewhere?.

With regards to opening new accounts, this is usually done for confirmation of mailing address purposes. I use a number of these, especially if I pay through PayPal or Google payment services.

  tullie 05 Jul 12

I purchased mine from Amazon,no third party involved.

  morddwyd 05 Jul 12


It depends on the book.

As I said I was redirected from Amazon.

A bit like Marketplace, the book is on the Amazon website, and you go through your account, and put it in your basket, but as soon as you go to checkout you're redirected to the third party site.

I'd not come across the system before.

  Condom 05 Jul 12

I had the same problem with iTunes as it would not accept the secure password I use for my banking...and I too hit it on the head as far as purchasing anything was concerned. Seems they insist on at least one capital letter.

  Aitchbee 06 Jul 12

To logon to one of my computers I use the password:- Q A Z W S X's difficult to forget!

  Pine Man 06 Jul 12's difficult to forget!


  wee eddie 06 Jul 12

left-hand set of keys on a qwerty Keyboard

  wee eddie 06 Jul 12

I use my old Car Numbers alongside the name of an associated girlfriend, its colour or make.

  Pine Man 06 Jul 12

Wee Eddie

Thanks for that I completely missed that one. So if you need an alphanumeric password you just add in the top row of keys and have eight figures. Hmm I feel a change coming to my numerous unmemorable passwords:-))

  proudfoot 06 Jul 12

I use the Lastpass Firefox Addon to store logon details and generate passwords. Once you get used to it it is simple to use. I have a very strong 17 digit Alpha/Numeric Master Password to access it which has so much personal significance I doubt I will not forget until alzheimer's sets in, maybe then not.


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