sd or mmc cards whats the difference ?

  joeltr 11:32 12 Jan 04

hi all, im all set to go, got a nice digicam & all in one machine, ive got 16mb internal memory (kodak DX4330) i could do with some more, camera will accept either sd or mmc, sd is slightly more expensive, so is it better? i have tried to find answers from this site but with no luck, could anyone please tell me what the difference is, many thanks, joel.

  wags 12:26 12 Jan 04

They are basically the same format, with SD having security protocols built in.

The primary benefits of MultiMediaCards are a lower cost alternative to Secure Digital.

MMC is less expensive and fine for just file storage. SD is (supposedly faster) and better suited if you plan on storing MP3s or other files which may be covered under digital rights management (which I guess is not what you intend doing with your camera).

  wags 12:30 12 Jan 04

BTW click here for some good prices on Cards from Ebuyer.

  joeltr 13:11 12 Jan 04

thanks for that wags, the site is very good, it is only for photography, so i can have a good look for both types, cheers, joel.

  Stuartli 13:41 12 Jan 04

Here's an SD/MMC and other memory cards comparison chart:

click here

Normally - but not always - products that use SD cards will take MMC and vice versa. It's best to check with the manual.

Secure Digital is named for the reason wags points out in having security encryption.

MMC is frationally slower than SD in operation but most people wouldn't notice the difference; however the gap between the two cards for any given memory size is now comparatively small and SD would be a better choice.

A mate bought a 64MB Toshiba SD card for just over £16 from ebuyer - I paid dabs £25 for a 32MB MMC card just two years ago...:-(

  joeltr 18:56 12 Jan 04

thankyou, thats a good chart, learning all the time, the difference in price is quite small, but it was the function of the cards that iwanted to learn about and your info is very useful, i have decided on a 128mb SD card from 7dayshop, for £ 20- 94 inc p+p thanks again,joel.

  Stuartli 09:18 13 Jan 04

My mate will wish he'd seen that Toshiba card offer...:-(((

  Stuartli 09:21 13 Jan 04

Just had a look (my camera uses SD) and the cheapest 7dayshop 128MB card is £29....

  joeltr 12:01 13 Jan 04

thats correct, £30-94 inc p&p sorry pressed wrong button

  joeltr 11:26 21 Jan 04

further to this thread, i opted for a 128sd card from 7dayshop as priced above, its made by panasonic, very pleased with it/

  Stuartli 14:04 21 Jan 04

Don't forget that you can also use such cards, in combination with a 6 or 7-in-1 card reader, as a very transportable method of carrying/transferring files etc to another system or vice versa.

My mate uses an internal card reader (similar case and fitment to a floppy drive) in combination with a 128MB Compact Flash card to back up his key business files on a daily basis

I got a 7-in-1 card reader from 7dayshop for £10.98 including delivery - it had been reduced from £15.99; there's also one that's now down to £6.99.

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