Screenburn (not pc related)

  darkreign 18:24 01 Jan 08

Hi Peeps

Thinking about buying a Pioneer pdp-5080d plasma and have been reading about screen burn. Just wondering if it's actually worth spending alot of money buying a plasma/lcd only to have to put up with images burnt on the screen...could ruin the viewing pleasure (methinks)!

What would you suggest, is it worth it or should i stick with me 36inch Panny CRT (about 6 years old)?


  SB23 18:41 01 Jan 08

When I used to sell them, my understanding of screenburn was it was only when you used something such as a console or similar that may cause this phenomenon, or an appliance that can leave still images on the screen.
Having said all of that, personally I would stick with the Panasonic anyway.
I have 3 Toshibas that have plenty of life in them yet, and I have no intention of getting rid of them yet.


  darkreign 18:52 01 Jan 08

My readings indicate that the small channel logo you get in the corner of the screeen is also likely to leave burn images, as well as report bars (not sure if that's the correct term) you get on sport channels.

The panny has been good but it's getting on a bit. Was thinking, if i'm going to buy a tv then might as well keep with the times.


  SB23 19:08 01 Jan 08

The thing is, as with everything, there are pro's and con's, which I won't go into on the forum, but years ago while speaking to an engineer at my place of work then, lets just say he clarified a few things about them to me.
Electronics have moved on since then, and what he told me probably doesn't apply now, but, my neighbour has just purchased a Samsung Flat screen, and I can honestly say they look the business.

If you're really worried about screenburn, and its affects on the tv, why don't you ask a local retailer to explain. As I said, its years since I sold them, things may have moved on.


  DieSse 23:29 01 Jan 08

Interesting and quite sensible review of the pros and cons of LCD versus Plasma.

LCD seem to be replacing Plasma right now, except for the very largest sizes. LCDs don't suffer from screen burn.

However - why replace a perfectly good working TV just to "keep up with the times?

Other technologies are coming with much lower power requirements - so why not wait a year or so.

  DieSse 23:30 01 Jan 08

Sorry - forgot the link click here

  STREETWORK 06:11 02 Jan 08

Screen burn is where an after image shows if you paused or played stills for long periods. Most new plasmas have the facility to correct this by the press of a button to shift the pixels slightly or 'white' the screen which eliminates the after image. Perhaps the phrase 'screen burn' is a bit harsh to use and worries many a punter...

  darkreign 16:07 02 Jan 08 DieSse.

I wasn't aware of the timescales for screen burn and your link has answered that for me. If it really is hours for the image to burn then I'm not going to worry too much about it. Also, technology seems to be advancing so rapidly that a year later i'd probably decide to wait for another year for better tech coming (i've allready waited a year...ish). I really want to get a hi-def tv with blu-ray players so I can watch hi-def content.


Thanks, I'm planning to go to the city in hunt of bargains and will be asking a few questions before purchase.


DieSse's link gives information on 'anti-burn' technology used by most big brands, and there is also mention of watching a grey screen (!) which would remove the burn images.

You peeps have been helpful and i feel that i'm going to go with it. I'm pretty certain a brand like Pioneer would have taken measures to rectify problems (especialy if they're charging more then £3000 for their tv's.

Thanks to you all.

  STREETWORK 22:30 02 Jan 08

Just plumbed in my new 50" plasma today


  darkreign 17:03 03 Jan 08

...STREETWORK, and what did you hook it up to?

  BJN 15:58 05 Jan 08

well I've had a Panasonic plasma 42" TV for over 3 years now and no problem with screen burn on TV program logos. My son often uses it for Xbox game play and again no problems.

There is a setting to make the black bands on none widescreen pictures a light grey which is to help stop any screen burn. I think screen burn could be a problem if you display a none moving picture day after day. For normal home use how often would you not have a moving picture even during game play.


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