Scan "Not Giving Refund"

  akzah 17:15 16 Apr 03

I purchased a 256Mb PC2100 Memory Module in July 2002. In February 2003 the memory failed and I was given a RMA number. I received a replacement on 3rd March.

Within a month the memory failed and on the 31st March and I phoned your Technical Support who told me to send the memory back, “If it was faulty then I would receive a Full Refund otherwise I would receive a different brand” the support said.

A week later I phoned to ask whether it was found faulty and your employee told me that it had been found faulty and I would receive a full refund. I also checked your website and it said “Credit Authorisation”. Under the impression that I was going to receive a refund I bought some new memory.

After nearly ten days I sent an email asking why the money has not been transferred yet and I was told via email:


We are still waiting for credit authorisation, as the memory was
purchased 02/07/02 we would not offer a refund only an exchange
under the warranty at this stage.”

After phoning your support they told me that they were not going to give a refund neither credit. Even after two memory failures and after two employees stated that I would get a refund.

What should I do, they say they are sending a new memory out to me soon??

Thanks (edited from letter being sent to them)

  MichelleC 10:59 17 Apr 03

Faulty memory seems to apply to their employees too.

It's unusual for 2 lots of ram to go. was it the right type for your pc?

  akzah 16:11 17 Apr 03

The memory was the correct type, click here is the thread about the memory when it failed.

I have sent them a very long email yersterday with details of the converstations and emails.

So just have to wait and see what they say


  medicine hat 17:17 17 Apr 03

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel an order within 7 days. If it hasn't been despatched yet then there should't be "restocking" charges

  Coaster3 18:29 17 Apr 03

I have learned from a past mistake that the only place to purchase memory is from Crucial.

Pity everyone hasn't got their level of service.

  akzah 15:48 23 Apr 03

Well after notifying them by two emails that I don't want the RAM Sent and that the matter is still being discused.

I have found today that the a new RAM has been orderd and using there tracking system it seems ready to be dispachted today.

What shall I do know??

I guess I will phone them when I get back from college hopefully in time to stop the order.

  Offline 18:33 23 Apr 03

I would stick it in my PC and forget about it.

  mcullum_DX4Life 18:52 23 Apr 03

Hmmmmmm but you cant get performance RAM from Crucial!

  akzah 20:38 24 Apr 03

Yeah I have learnt my lesson I will always buy memory from crucial.

I can't just forget about it as I already bought another memory for £45 so I would be losing money!!

I phoned them and they have stopped the order and said they would look over the matter.

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