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  adamagain 23:10 09 Nov 06

just wanted to know if anyone can recomend some good finan sites
savings isa etc

  Forum Editor 23:29 09 Nov 06
  Stuartli 23:49 09 Nov 06

Also click here run by Martyn Lewis, who is a regular contributor to national TV and radio programmes.

  wjrt 11:37 10 Nov 06
  freaky 18:39 10 Nov 06

If you would like Independent Advice then I suggest: -

click here

Click on Find an Adviser, then enter your postcode.

  Stuartli 19:17 10 Nov 06

Just remembered click here

  oresome 19:46 10 Nov 06

Try The Motley Fool

click here

  Dr C 12:38 11 Nov 06

Do yourself a big favour, do not try and invest money yourself take advice from an Independent Financial adviser - preferably one that works on fees.

By doing it yourself, you do not save on the charges or commissions, as the standard charges on most investment contracts have commission already in built in. Therefore you still pay the commissions but these are not disclosed to you - more importantly you are resposible for your investment decisions. Take advice fom a professional that do this every day of their working lives.

Finally as far as I am aware Martyn Lewis is not qualified to give financial advice and it is a disgrace that he is allowed to get away with this on the assumption he is a "financial guru" . If he is that good why doesn't he sit the demanding exams required to become a fully qualified financial advisor and then try and get authorised with the FSA. He will soon realise have difficult this is.

  sunny staines 13:18 11 Nov 06

the two that stuartli post are excellent i use them all the time, save hundreds from advice gained.

  Stuartli 14:09 11 Nov 06

>>Finally as far as I am aware Martyn Lewis is not qualified to give financial advice>>

If he wasn't proficient he wouldn't be a regular guest on national TV and radio programmes each week.

  amonra 16:05 11 Nov 06

Dr C

Sour grapes ???
I find Martin Lewis's advice first class and totally unbiased. Many of the so called financial advisors are only there to exploit the mass market. At least with Martin's advice, you are free to make up your own mind and no commision is paid out to anyone on his site.

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