Savastore? Save your time and money instead!

  Eagie 10:54 30 Jan 03

Having searched for a 20mtr network cable I ended up at If you too end up there turn back immediately.

14 days ago I placed my order which was instock in their central warehouse, 9 days ago their online order tracker said that my order was being picked. It is still "being picked" to this date! How long does it take to pick one item?

I e-mailed them 5 working days ago - no response. I phoned their sales line to complain 4 days ago and they said they would send the item out immediately - it hasn't turned up. I e-mailed to cancel the order two days ago - no response. Having just been on hold on their "customer services" line for over 1/2 hour I only reached no 5 in the queue - paying national rate.

Avoid them at all cost!

  Elrond 11:12 30 Jan 03

Think you may get a telling off by FE for your post Eagie. Do not use these posts are frowned upon somewhat. Sorry to say i had no trouble with them, when i've purchased things

  tbh72 14:41 30 Jan 03

Eye was go(eye)ng to post you a responce only to f(eye)nd my typewr(eye)ter th(eye)ngy has stopped respond(eye)ng.

Grrrr.... PCWORLD have drums of cable worth a (eye)

My Appolog(eye)es....

  Belatucadrus 15:02 30 Jan 03

If it's cables you want try Homestead click here if they don't stock what you want, they'll make it and the prices are good.

  Eagie 17:27 30 Jan 03

Thanks for the advice on cables. If I need to get some more I'll check those out. As it happens, yesterday I ordered on from and they lived up to their name as it arrived this morning - so a happy ending to my tale.

Still can't get through to Savastore though to make sure they have cancelled my order and give me my money back. Has anyone else had problems talking to these people or has anyone get any tips on how to get a response from them?

Hope your keyboard gets better tbh72 - I bet (eye)t (eye)s gett(eye)ng and b(eye)t annoy(eye)ng :-)

  RomQ 23:13 31 Jan 03

Savastore is run by Watford Electronics. There are a few opinions on them here: click here

There seems to be a history of difficulties in contacting them.

  N24 16:43 13 Mar 03

I ordered a monitor from Savastore on 12th February on 2-3 days delivery: I wanted it delivered by 15th. Their website claimed an availability of over a hundred at satellite stores.

I thought it would be a good idea to track the order on Friday 14th and I was concerned to note that the monitor had not only not been dispatched, stock was awaited.

I sent Savastore an e-mail to clarify the availability and requesting that the order be cancelled if it could not be delivered by Saturday 15th. I cancelled the order through the website on the Friday afternoon. According to the website, there is no contract until goods are dispatched.

I got an e-mail on the Monday morning advising of imminent dispatch to which I replied that I had cancelled the order. I got an e-mail on the Tuesday morning advising of actual dispatch to which I replied that I had cancelled the order.

The monitor arrived and, unfortunately, was signed for by a neighbour: apparently neither Savastore nor its courier (Initial CityLink) could cancel delivery from the consignment number - so how do they track items?

Now, Savastore claims that CityLink does not collect at the weekends and it clearly expects me to make some alternative arrangements for the return of the monitor. Why should I? Firstly, it was their error and could have been avoided. Secondly, as long as they can get away with passing the trouble and cost for their errors onto others, they will not give two hoots about making them. Thirdly, I cancelled the order before there was a contract.

If Savastore is at fault and it cannot get its courier to collect goods at the customer's convenience, it ought to make the arrangement to have another courier collect the goods. In fact, it could save all the trouble by not advertising what it cannot deliver and by having robust systems in place to prevent or intercept cancelled goods rather than sending them out anyway, presumably in the hope the customer will change their mind if the goods are delivered.

I didn't think companies were allowed to advertise what they can't deliver! Surely having done so, they ought to face the consequences.

  Eagie 23:11 14 Mar 03

My cable turned up in the end and I give in! I'm keeping the cable in the hope that one day I find a use for it. I can't be doing with the hassle of trying to get a refund - I guess this is what this kinda trader relies on happening.

Anyway this chapter is over and I will never shop here again.

Thanks all.

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