Sat Nav question

  Si_L 02:21 27 Jul 09

I'm looking at getting a Sat Nav for my little Honda Vision, which tops out at a little over 30mph unless I take the restrictor off. As a result, motorways and busy A roads are not really an option for me, plus I prefer a nice quiet country road to a busy one.

My question is, does anyone have a sat nav that will let them either a) set the exact route beforehand, so I can pick the roads out, or, b) have a setting which navigates on B roads and minor roads only. I've managed to get my hands on a TomTom 910 but it doesn't do either of these.


  laurie53 08:00 27 Jul 09

Co-Pilot has a good set of preferences, and you can also tailor your own itinerary with as many waypoints as you would wish.

  interzone55 08:49 27 Jul 09

My Nav Man lets you avoid motorways, it's a discontinued model now, so you'll need to check in Halfords to see if the new models do the same...

  feb 09:11 27 Jul 09

The Tom Tom has a feature in the menu for planning options, where you can choose to avoid motorways, you can also choose to avoid part of the route in another menu option.

  anchor 09:12 27 Jul 09

I very much doubt that you will find any model that will select only B & minor roads.

The only way I can see it being done is to use something like "Tyre" to plan your route. Tyre will convert your route for uploading to a TomTom.

click here

  peter99co 11:02 27 Jul 09

Check out Garmin E-Trex and similar models. More for Walkers but can be very useful.

  peter99co 11:06 27 Jul 09

I have one on a pedal bike which remembers the route. This can be recorded as a track. You can get software to plot routes. (PC to E-trex)

  Si_L 11:31 27 Jul 09

That peice of software looks exactly what I was after, and it means I don't have to change my Sat-Nav.

I used the E-Trex on my DofE expedition and hated it, so I will pass on that but thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the other comments too, I will have to look into other models if I can't get TYRE to work.

  laurie53 20:03 27 Jul 09

I should have said that I have both Tom Tom and Co-Pilot, so I can make a direct comparison.

For a straight point to point I always use Tom Tom, but for anything that needs a bit of meandering about I use Co-Pilot.

  The Mountaineer 20:37 27 Jul 09

I use a garmin edge 705 on my road bike creating routes on any road you like using google maps via my laptop. You need City Navigator maps installed on the garmin then its a piece of cake. Expensive kit though!

  Forum Editor 22:46 27 Jul 09

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