Sapphire X850XT - Mucho Cheapo -What is the catch?

Just ordered a Sapphire X850XT from Scan & am trying to figure out exactly what I've bought.

Scan actually have 2 products listed which appear to be the same item though the pictures show different heatsink / fan setups. They are also differ in that one costs twice the price of the other.

click here

click here

I cant find any information/reviews about the cheaper of the cards & cant find a similar looking card for sale anywhere or listed on the Sapphire website.

Staff at Scan have had a look at the boxes for me & confirm that it appears that they are identicle specs from the same manufacturer but just different designs.

I know that cards from the same manufacturer can vary in appearance from different factories but am perplexed as to how Scan seem to be the only people in the world with this particular card (& at such a "good" price).

Any advice would be appreciated :o)

p.s. During my "research" I found that the fan on the unusual card looks very like a Zalman VF-700 cu - any "fan" experts out there ??

  Totally-braindead 12:16 01 Mar 06

Unfortunatly don't have time just now to look deeper into the specs of the 2 cards as I have to nip out but heres the Sapphire page for the X850 click here suggest you check the manufacturers codes with Scan on the webpages for the 2 cards and you should then be able to identify which the 2 cards are and hopefully the specifications will confirm the differences.

Tried that & cant find any mention of the card on Sapphire website - when you search with product numbers nothing comes up :-(

  remind 12:38 01 Mar 06

it appears the first one is an x800 xl click here

Well spotted remind

I just phoned Scan again & looks like my card has been despatched - luckily spoke to the same bloke who had a look at the Pic you linked to on the Sapphire website & agreed they are identical.

Hes off to double check the boxes & will call back...........

I wonder where I stand if the item has been labeled incorrectly as I now have a contract with them to supply a Sapphire X850XL at a rather good price (cant blame a bloke for trying).

Well what a surprise I never got a call back & when I called them the bloke I had spoken to had "gone off sick".

The new chappie seemed more interested in fiddling with his klinkerberries than any possible problem with my order.

Ah well next day delivery so I'm looking forward to whatever surprise awaits me tomorrow.

Wahey - just clicked on the link to the cheaper card again & Scan have changed the picture from the one with a Zalman fan to what looks like a good old fashioned, common or garden Sapphire x800XT.

Looks like a bargain if anyone else is in the market for a new card (second hand ones are going for more on ebay).

that should read "good old fashioned, common or garden Sapphire X850XT".

Sapphire X850XT now in my grubby mitts - A bargain to be had at Scan chaps.................

  Mr Beeline 21:42 03 Mar 06


The price is about right for a PCie X850XT at the moment. The next generation of cards has depressed the price of the previous gen. OCuk have a Powercolor version at around the same price. great card never the less.

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