sanning application forms

  spartan 14:47 26 Jan 03

does anyone know of a program that allows you to scan in an application form so that you can use microsoft word to type into the boxes.
thank you

  Coaster3 15:38 26 Jan 03

Try OmniPagePro

  spartan 18:10 26 Jan 03

thanks coaster3 I will try and find the web site.

  Djohn 20:19 26 Jan 03

spartan, the software that came with you scanner should have an OCR program, and this will do the job.

  Alan2 20:30 26 Jan 03

I have scanned forms into Corel Draw - but any similar graphics package would work as well - then keyed text into the appropriate boxes.

That way the form is preserved "as issued".

I believe OCR packages are great and used OmniPage Pro but I think trying to re-assemble a form to send in would not be simple.


  spartan 21:10 26 Jan 03

Thanks Alan and Djohn,when you say re-assemble do you mean print it off in a way that would be acceptable. I aim to use this kind of program to fill in job applications and official documents,because due to a hand injury my hand writing is untidy.
Thanks for the help.

  beeuuem 21:41 26 Jan 03

The only way that I ever managed this was to scan the form as an image and save it. This image was then used to create a watermark in Wordperfect(I assume the same can be done in Word),the text added as required and printed off.

  Djohn 22:29 26 Jan 03

spartan, Due to Osteo-Arthritis, I too have difficulty with forms. I get round this by neatly setting out all the answers to the numbered questions in word, and then attaching same to the form.

Form then just needs a signature, a small explanation as to why has always been excepted, even with official forms.

  Alan2 22:49 26 Jan 03

Yes that's exactly what I meant. But Djohn's approach should be totally acceptable to any "decent" organisation.

Good luck.


  spartan 08:30 27 Jan 03

Thanks again eveyone for your help I will try these options out.

  Djohn 15:38 27 Jan 03

click here may be of interest to you spartan. Regards, J.

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