Samsung Toner Cartridges

  Coaster3 21:31 12 Feb 03

Having just purchased a Samsung ML-4500, can anyone tell me the best place to purchase toner cartridges for same please?

  spuds 23:15 12 Feb 03

I also have recently purchased a ML-4500, and checking prices of replacement cartridges seem to be around £45.00 from most outlets.Like Coaster3, I would also like to know of a cheaper source.

  ajm 00:30 13 Feb 03

Will let you know what the best prices are around and will let you know in a day or two.

  €dstow 08:46 13 Feb 03

Remember folks that even at £45 per cartridge, the cost of printing with these is very, very much cheaper than using an inkjet.

I use Samsung ML1210s with cartridges @ £35 - £40. I've just done a rough longevity test with one and find that one cartridge will print almost two boxes of paper (5,000 pages) when in "toner save" mode. This economy mode is more than adequate for the majority of general day to day printing.


  Coaster3 09:05 13 Feb 03

Hi Ed. Have you noticed any difference in the print quality in 'Toner Saving Mode'?

I've done test prints in both modes and can't see any difference.

  €dstow 09:15 13 Feb 03

In general - NO!

There is a difference if you look with a strong magnifier but as far as we're concerned for ordinary office-type printing the quality is superb.

Even on more expensive textured papers, as we use for company letters, the Toner Save is very good indeed. In fact the print has a "depth" and velvet-like blackness to it which goes really well with the laid surface of Conqueror paper. This is not so obvious with cheapo copy paper but that's not really important.

I can't recommend them highly enough.


  Coaster3 20:30 13 Feb 03


  Coaster3 16:01 14 Feb 03

Refresh again

  Les 18:15 14 Feb 03


I have bought toner for my Brother 1230 from
click here - it was cheaper than other suppliers. Have just checked the toner for yours and find that they want £52.96 I've just checked the site where this is being advertised at £45 and found that VAT and postage would have to be added. The service from CartridgePeople was first class and includes VAT and p and p.


  Coaster3 18:50 14 Feb 03

click here

£48.18 including VAT

  spuds 23:36 14 Feb 03

Still £45.00 at PC World. Must be cheaper somewhere else !!.

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