samsung note

  rickf 07 Apr 12

Have an opportunity for a perfect condition one for £350. Good deal?

  morddwyd 07 Apr 12


  rickf 07 Apr 12

I am very very tempted. Finding my HTC screen too small for my stubby fingers and ageing eyes.

  Forum Editor 08 Apr 12

A good deal?

That depends on how you feel about its size. It will perform well, no doubt about that, but for me it's a little too large - I've seen it described as looking like 'a giant comedy phone'.

  sunnystaines 08 Apr 12


i too find the htc keyboard too small for a mans fingers alright for the makers in taiwan they are all small people. Also find the screen for the internet a tad too small, having spent some time in store with a samsung note find the keyboard a more practical size and the screen excellent. i put the NOTE in various pockets and found the size ok and not clumsy at all.

ricf before buying, pop in a phone shop for a dabble.

  morddwyd 08 Apr 12

'a giant comedy phone'.

Or a small comedy tablet!

  rickf 09 Apr 12

Bought it!! Ha, ha!! Can't wait till WEd when it arrives. No longer have to squint my eyes to read messages or websites.

  morddwyd 09 Apr 12


Had you mentioned eyesight in the firstplace I would have been more forthcoming with my "Yes".

That's the main reason I bought mine, and with pinch zoom as well as the bigger screen I can actually read it without my glasses!


  sunnystaines 11 Apr 12

with the samsung note a double tap on the screen also enlarges it. we were shown this in the store seemed easier than the pinch option.

  rickf 11 Apr 12

I am thrilled with my phone. Still learning and getting use to it. The amoled screen is something else!!!

  rockets 23 Apr 12

Good deal but I will not purchase that.I don't like samsung.


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