Samsung N145 for £229 A good buy ??

  RKMonty 20:30 22 Nov 10

On my travels to buy a netbook
I have come across a Samsung N145 for £229
It contains N450, 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive, 802.11n, No bluetooth and a 6 cell battery
Any views comments thoughts on this model ??
Was going to spend £320+ on a Samsung N220 or a NP210Plus........but am thinking are they really worth the extra £100 ???

Are the differences really worth that ??
Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 20:42 22 Nov 10
  RKMonty 20:48 22 Nov 10

Yes I acknowledge that was an earlier thought but the news that I could get a N145 for £229 has led me to rethink and maybe the £100 extra for the other models may not be justified ??
I appreciate you pays your money and take your choice....but just wanted a 'experts' thoughts and comments
Just wanted to know if I would really notice the benefits of the extra £100
Thanks for your thoughts and comments
maybe the N145 is a too new a model ?

  Forum Editor 20:51 22 Nov 10

It gets confusing otherwise. I'm going to lock this one now, but other people can click my link to see your original thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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