samsung lcd tv leaking????

  2drewej 11:47 02 Aug 07

i bought a samsung syncmaster 19" lcd tv earlier this year and have just got back from holiday to find some kind of liquid on the actual display - there are no visible signs of damage at all but i did notice that on one side of the lcd display the screen had come a bit loose and you could press it in a bit - but again the actual display is intact.
any ideas as i have no idea how this happened as it was fine before.

  The Brigadier 11:50 02 Aug 07

If it's under warranty call the company you bought it from!

  2drewej 11:56 02 Aug 07

it is i bought it from argos around 5 months ago and it has a 3yr samsung warranty - i have just noticed on the side where the screen is loose there is a small puddle of liquid that has a slight yellow tint on the table underneath where the tv is.... very weird

  The Brigadier 12:12 02 Aug 07

Suggest you go to your nearest branch for a replacement & refund.

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