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Samsung Laser ML1210 or ML4500

  textmum 12:15 11 Mar 03

Thinking of getting one of these, has anyone got one, any views?

Also I notice some of the online sites seem to have discontinued the ML1210 - any one know why, is Canon discontinuing this model?
Thanks for your help.

  €dstow 13:00 11 Mar 03

I have a number of ML1210 machines that we use as general purpose office printers. They are excellent machines especially when it is remembered that they were much less than £100. The special offer on this model is ended and has been replaced by ML4500. These, although I haven't used one myself, are quite similar to the 1210 type but they do lack a USB port, apparently. If this isn't a problem, go for it!!

One very big advantage is that they are very cheap to run. OK, a toner cartridge costs £40 - £50 but you can print 4,000 or so pages with one. Think of the number of inkjet cartridges needed to do that.

My ML1210's are some of the best purchases I've made in a long time.


  Gizmo 13:34 11 Mar 03

I bought the ML1250 in March last year, and I have nothing but praise for this machine, I would recommend the Samsung’s to anyone, far better than the inkjet’s and quicker, for text documents!

  €dstow 14:03 11 Mar 03

Oh yes - forgot that - quicker, much quicker, especially noticeable on long runs.

Only one very minor complaint (and this is a characterisitc of laser printers, not just confined to these) they smell a bit "hot" when they're doing a long print run.


  SMB Systems 14:52 11 Mar 03

I bought two ml-4500's a couple of weeks ago and dabs currently have them at £69.32 inc (with toner)with replacement toners at £45.82 inc. This is a bargain and although they are slightly slower than the 1210 i think they are well worth it. 8ppm 600dpi instead of 12ppm 600dpi.

  rct 15:08 11 Mar 03

Another vote for the ML-1210 here! Superb printer and faster than the 4500... well worth the extra £s

  bfoc 16:24 11 Mar 03

It is fast, good quality and much cheaper to run than inkjets.

However I did get mine when it was on special offer at Dabs.com and so well under £100.

If the extra speed (difference between '8' & '12' ppm) and USB are not worth the difference in price then the 4500 would, I'm sure, be fine too.

  Tenner 18:05 12 Mar 03

1210 at home - last year's 'bargain' from dabs and a 4500 at the office - £79.99 from Office World which included a £10 pack of software and a ream of 'quality paper'. If you are impatient for delivery the extra £10 might be worth it over dabs. I cannot detect any difference apart from the obvious - 1210 is USB and 4500 = Parallel connection, but I bow to ?dstow's greater experience of use given he has several and does long runs. The thing I noticed was how quiet they both are compared with previous Brother and HP machines.

Running Costs ? Primarily there's no expensive drum to replace and the Toner Save button should prove invaluable.

Enjoy !


  Tenner 18:45 12 Mar 03

this might help you
click here


  textmum 20:23 12 Mar 03

I have just contacted Office World and they have some Samsungs instock including a ML1220, which they say is the same as the 1210 (also discontinued) but is green? Has anyone seen one?
The 1220 has another £50 knocked off it.

I would like to thank everyone for their help so far, we will definitely be getting a Samsung, just not sure whether to go for the 1210/1220 or 4500.

  Tenner 23:16 12 Mar 03

Office World - the 1220 ( or was it the 1210 ? not sure ) was £149.99 I'm sure.


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