Roboraptor: Any good?

  aca 09:37 03 Dec 05

I appreciate not strictly pc related but hopefully I can benefit from Forum members opinions/experience.

Possible Xmas gift for 8 yr old son.

Is it any good? Is it better than the earlier wave of toy robots (Teksta etc)?


  reclaimjack 10:54 03 Dec 05

you never said what u want to know about

  hzhzhz 11:04 03 Dec 05
  PaulB2005 11:07 03 Dec 05

It's in the title! Roboraptor

  €dstowe 11:22 03 Dec 05

The novelty very quickly wears off these robot toys with most children and it will most likely sit in the corner unloved and unused shortly after boxing day.

  spuds 11:51 03 Dec 05

Check the prices out before you make the final purchase via click here click here click here

  aca 12:21 03 Dec 05

Thanks all
Toyrus got great online deal £50 way cheaper.

My real concern was that highlighted by Edstowe.

  Starfox 12:46 03 Dec 05

My grandson (Aged 8) got one of these for his birthday on 31st October,now left unused in the corner of his room which confirms Edstowe's theory.My advice would be to not waste your money.

  amonra 13:59 03 Dec 05

A five minute wonder, spend the money on something that will amuse and educate your child for MORE than 5 mins.

  aca 15:09 03 Dec 05

I will take yr advice and spend my money on something else.


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