Robbed by BT

  Chaz10 20:23 27 Jul 07

Just got my bt phone bill and there was an entry for £189.99 + VAT, this apparently relates to a fault on the phone line which was repaired by an engineer who said that there was a short on the box that attaches to my internal wall (BT’s property).When I rang to report the fault I was told that if the fault was with my equipment then a charge of £116 would be payable, but its not my equipment which was faulty and have been told it will take 21 days to sort out (oh and they increased my direct debit by £30)

  Kaacee 21:25 27 Jul 07

No its not fair but typical of the way BT treat their customers, I would suggest the difference betwen the £116 and £189.99 is that the first figure is just to get them out, the difference is made up by an hourly (or part thereof)charge of something in the region of £60 +vat whilst they are sorting out the problem.....

  Chaz10 21:29 27 Jul 07

Thing is my equipment was not faulty, they said they would only charge if it Was my equipment (I got a new phone to test the line)The fault was caused by a short in the box that they fitted!!

  spuds 22:24 27 Jul 07

Chaz10, seek advice from Ofcom click here

  Stuartli 23:59 27 Jul 07

>>a short on the box that attaches to my internal wall (BT’s property)>>

Do you mean the Master socket and not the house box?

If there was a short on it, then this is the last point for which BT hold responsibility.

Why did the need to call BT arise?

  Chaz10 16:51 28 Jul 07


The box in question is the one in which you plug the phone in, I had to phone bt as the phone simply wouldn't work (no dial tone)

  Stuartli 17:16 28 Jul 07

Then that is the Master Socket (the house box is the one on the outside of your property).

After the Master Socket, BT is not responsible for any faults and will charge hefty fees if called out.

Do you have any phone extensions?

If so the Master Socket might have been incorrectly wired if it was a DIY job.

You can check the Master Socket (if it is the NTE5 type) by taking the bottom front cover off and plugging a phone into the test socket.

  Stuartli 17:17 28 Jul 07

I would point out firmly to BT that it is, as far as you are concerned, a fault in their equipment as advised by the engineer.

  Chaz10 20:03 28 Jul 07


The master socket was wired by BT 7 years ago, I have never opened the box as I don't know what I'm doing.Ps thanks for the response.

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