RING 12v car heater

  HowieM 17:06 08 Dec 10

Anyone else found these heaters to be totally useless?
I have just paid £17.99 for a heater/demister intended as a temporary measure until I get a new heater matrix fitted.
It does nothing that is stated on the packaging.
BEWARE - The only part that gets warm is the plug that fits into the cigarette lighter.

  100andthirty 18:10 08 Dec 10

on a normal car, you'd need over 40 Amps to get 500W from a heater. At best it'll be a hint of warmish air. Don't waste your money on any electrically powered hearing device on a car!

  OTT_B 20:08 08 Dec 10

Not much good you can do until your heater is repaired. The 12v socket in your car is not capable of delivering the power required to keep a car warm and demisted in the winter.

You could try getting a 240v power inverter of suitable wattage, and running it direct from the battery and into the car. e.g. click here

This will allow you to run normal mains equipment, up to the rated capacity of the power inverter. Be ware the 'elf and safety mob if you try this! Equipment needs to be properly secured and electrics safely connected.

  spuds 11:27 09 Dec 10

You could try returning the item, as 'not fit for the purpose' under consumer law, and then see what the retailer and manufacturer as to say?.

Over the years I have purchased a number of gadgets that haven't met up to expectations, so I now tend to shy away from them.

One thing that I have noticed is the 4-1 cigar plug-in adapters that are on the market. I often wonder what people try to plug into them, and what power would be required, and any possible safety issue, that people might not realise.

  interzone55 11:57 09 Dec 10

"One thing that I have noticed is the 4-1 cigar plug-in adapters that are on the market. I often wonder what people try to plug into them,"

Sat Nav
Phone Charger
MP3 Player
FM transmitter for MP3 player

Probably total draw will be around 40w

  spuds 12:16 09 Dec 10

Never considered those items, but I have used a 2-1 for emergency flashing beacons.

The 40 watts is possibly the max I would assume before the interior fuse pops, because none of these adapters seem to have their own fuse system fitted?.

  interzone55 14:34 09 Dec 10

They'll actually take 10amp, so 120w is probably the best you can hope for...

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