The revamped AVG 8 free version is due out

  TopCat® 22:00 22 Apr 08

on Thursday, 24 April. Initially, it will be the English version but some other languages are set to follow. TC. click here

  TopCat® 12:47 24 Apr 08

Available now. TC. click here

  anchor 15:48 24 Apr 08

Have you installed, and tried it out yet?.

  anchor 16:31 24 Apr 08

I decided to go ahead and install it. All went well, and so far it seems very good.

  Steve- 17:45 24 Apr 08

Tried it and it severley compromised my computer, I lost access to all drives from Windows explorer and even Disk Management stopped working! the computer then froze and needed a reset. Same thing happened twice so I restored back to 7.5 which then also needed a repair - very strange.
I'm not convinced the programme did a proper uninstall of v7.5 so going to have another go with a manual uninstall, if that doesn't sort things then I shall stay with 7.5!

  Steve- 17:46 24 Apr 08

Should have said, I am running the full version of AVG inc firwall etc.

  Covergirl 17:56 24 Apr 08

I'm on AVG free and just checked - I'm on 7.5.524 and no further updates are available.

Maybe it is just the paid for version that's gone to v8.

  TopCat® 18:41 24 Apr 08

I checked to see if the previous version should be removed first but couldn't find any info on that. I think it would be wise to do this.

Covergirl - This is the new free version that replaces the free AVG 7.5. TC.

  Covergirl 19:46 24 Apr 08

Thanks topcat - I'll wait until it comes through on the auto updates. If I'm still waiting in a month, I'll think about going for the download.


that had no anti-virus installed previously.

Visually, it looks much better. The whole GUI has been totally revamped.

I am somewhat confused however - I ran a scan and it found several hundred tracking cookies. I know they're not the most malicious things in the world but there didn't seem to be an option to remove them. Perhaps it's only available in the paid for version?

Still, I think it's a vast improvment over version 7.5

  TopCat® 21:55 24 Apr 08

Completely remove version 7.5 free BEFORE installing AVG8 free - found at their forum - click here

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