Rescuing a hard disk

  Petulant 14:29 04 Mar 07

Not so much question but wanted to pass on my experience for people who are as clueless as me.

My laptop died on me but I was informed the hard disk was ok. Various people told me of special software to rescue the data and I was pointed towards companies that do it as well for a price.

Then a friend mentioned something I had never heard of and this is what I did. I looked on Ebay for an external harddrive case. I checked the specs of my laptop to make sure I bought the right size. It came the next day and cost 2 quid. I then had to unscrew the hard drive and put it in the new smart chrome case and hey presto I had an external hard drive ready for my new pc with all my data safe including thousands of photos and MP3's just requiring plugging in a usb - even complete with a sexy black velvet bag.

Maybe it's old news to pc buffs but it has been a revelation to me and I can't believe my technical friends never even thought of it.

So thanks Charlie for saving my data and a big chunk of cash.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:55 04 Mar 07

Your 'technical friends must be a bit dense and I hope they have nothing to do with computers, this is the first thing that I would do but using a USB here There is no need for special software to rescue disks that are OK only for disks that are damaged. I would suggest that you dump these friends pronto. Need I also suggest that you should do backups?


  Spark6 23:56 04 Mar 07

I hope you ignore GANDALF <|:-)>'s harsh comments, someone must have disturbed his Sunday after lunch siesta, he's not normally as abrasive as this!!!

Stay with this forum and you'll find plenty of tips similar to the one that saved your data economically, but not always via Ebay

  Petulant 09:10 05 Mar 07

Thanks Spark but didn't mind Gandalf's remarks. I was a bit baffled myself that my clever friends didn't suggest such a simple and cheap solution. But I wouldn't dare call them 'dense' - well at least not without my running shoes on LOL

  Sapins 10:23 05 Mar 07

You got the best deal. £2 is a lot better than £21-95. So your "dense" friends saved you quite a bit over an "experts?" link.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:32 05 Mar 07

'My laptop died on me but I was informed the hard disk was ok. Various people told me of special software to rescue the data and I was pointed towards companies that do it as well for a price.'...if you had read the post carefully you would have known that I was referring to the preceding quote not the person who told him/her to get an external drive. The disk was errrrmmm OK so all that was needed was a linking bay or cable not 'expensive' specialist software. This is quite obvious. My comments about backups still stand.

  Sapins 14:16 05 Mar 07

I was simply pointing out that £2 for an external hard drive case is a lot better that the price of the cable quoted in your link. I still don't understand why you say the friend who recommended the drive case is dense?

I do agree re back ups.

  Petulant 20:03 05 Mar 07

Wish I hadn't bothered posting this - the drive has dissapeared and won't show plus my pc keeps freezing and as soon as I take out the usb connection to the external drive it responds normally.

Ah well you get what you pay for...

  Technotiger 20:09 05 Mar 07

Just scroll down a bit on this link to see a good selection of external cases, cheap too!

click here

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