Repair to Acer Iconia B1 - A71

  Jeffers59 07 Feb 14

Recently purchased above tablet from Argos for xmas present. Used twice before I H ad to return to Acer Support for a repair. Would not charge. They returned item saying battery was faulty. Run down battery and tried to recharge but nothing. Returned again. This time had letter saying the charging port was severely damaged and would cost £117.01 to fix. Would not pay. I said that there was no way I could damage the connector as 1. they are protected by case of unit and 2. they are keyed so that the charger plugs in smoothly to ensure no damage. They said it was my fault, how can I proceed.


  spuds 08 Feb 14

"I H ad to return to Acer Support for repair" Might be the clue?.

Did you try Argos in the first instant or did you go direct to Acer for help and advice?.

  Jeffers59 08 Feb 14

The Argos receipt gave Acer Support as the contact in first instance. I have yet to approach Argos, which will be my next step. I am waiting for Acer to reply to my escalation to see what they have to say. this type of connector is on all smart phones, kindles and tablets which I also own. Never had an issue. I suspect there was an initial or inherent fault with the connector on the Acer tablet.

  spuds 08 Feb 14

You should have gone to Argos first and registered the problem there, before going direct to Acer.

At this point, it might pay to have a search around the internet, to see if this particular model is having certain or similar problems, that you might be able to use as an example for complaint or resolution?.


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