Registerfly has anyone heard of this company

  erkmatrix 09:33 26 May 06

I have 4 domains with this company the other day 1 of my main domains ran out, I know I should of kept a check anyway I went on the site to renew it and gave my creditcard details to pay the $8.99 that was on Wednesday morning, still havn't heard anything from them after leaving 3 emails. My site is currently pointing to some whois advertising page, and now I read by putting in their name that they are dodgy and loads of complaints, they are american have to say have been with them for a number of years and always got a quick answer and help. Please what should I do, I'm kinda worried now cause they have my credit card details.


  spuds 11:06 26 May 06

Working through an American company could be difficult, especially if they are not replying to emails.

Try contacting Nominet click here for possible advice and contact link for American regulators.

A couple of questions, did you receive a renewal notice, and how were you able to open your account for credit card payment, you must have had an acknowledgment!.

  erkmatrix 11:16 26 May 06

Hi Spuds

No I have my site as my homepage so knew when I went online that this advertising site came up so it clicked my site domain must of run out. I can still log into my account at registerfly and can still use all the features. Then I clicked the renewal button next to the domain and payment seemed to go through ok only in the account at registerfly still shows my domain that it expired on 22nd may and as I say they are not answering any emails.


  pj123 11:48 26 May 06

Hmmm. Just Googled registerfly and found many, many, adverse comments.

  erkmatrix 12:38 26 May 06

I know thats the worrying thing PJ123, thats what I did this morning when they still hadn't replied, should I phone my CC company straight away and tell them or give them some time longer.


  pj123 14:57 26 May 06

junipaire, that's up to you. Personally, I think I would ring my CC company and tell them I have lost my card. Get it cancelled and a new one issued.

  erkmatrix 13:14 01 Jun 06

just to say further about this for anyone who's interested. The company Registerfly never did anything, they are still taking peoples money some how. nothing is done. Anyway I cancelled my payment and got a new card sent, couldn't transfer the domain so had to order an completly new domain which is a huge pain as the domain was on all our promo materials and posted around the net as the old domain, huge problem. I've learnt a valuable lesson pay more for a domain from a trusted british company. I;ve gone to Webattention now as have had a site hosted with them for a year and they are excellent.


  iso9001 15:55 01 Jun 06

Some of these "USA" companies are based in the Cayman Islands, away from the grasp of the FBI, they take your money and you take a chance on getting your domain.

Always best to use a UK company that is a member of nominet in the UK.

  bosmere 16:33 01 Jun 06

junipaire have you read the comments click here ? Don't sound good.

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