Recycled cartridge invalidates printer warranty?

  Ellie3009 12:39 25 Jan 03

My mum has an HP deskjet 940c, bought at eastertime last year.

She needs a new black ink cartridge, and obviously its much cheaper to buy the refilled/recycled ones rather than the HP originals.

However, someone told me that using these can invalidate your printer warranty.
Does anyone have any experience of this?
And how do they know you have used non-HP cartridges?

If the cartridge has spilt ink all over the printer then I doubt there will be much argument over what cartridge you used!

However, given the cost I would suggest that a recycled cartridge is likely to be fine and give you no problems.

HP cartridges contain not only an ink tank, but also the actual print head itself. When you buy a new cartridge this is obviousely replaced (you have no option) a recycled one wont be, and you will be using the same head for double the amount of printing. This may result is a drop in quality.

At the end of the day, there is very little to go wrong with a HP printer that could be remotely attributed to the cartridge!

  -pops- 13:00 25 Jan 03

If you've had and used the printer all this time it's unlikely to be faulty and the warranty is nearly expired anyway.

Recycled cartridges are very reliable normally -if they weren't, nobody would use them - and we all know that they are widely used. Go for it, the risk is very small.


  Djohn 13:00 25 Jan 03

Epson replaced my faulty printer, when it was over 12 months past the warranty date, and I had been using compatible cartridges, I did inform Epson of this but they said the problem was not associated with the ink, so it didn't matter.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 13:57 25 Jan 03

I bought a PCW HP compatable black cartridege for my 840c deskjet. Everytime I went to print i got an error message saying "replace ink cartridge" printing then went offline, in the end gave up and threw it away!! Although more expensive I now tend to stick with HP originals, although am thinking about buying a printer that is not so damn expensive to run!!

  Stuartli 14:08 25 Jan 03

I seem to remember reading somewhere that a judge ruled that printer manufacturers who claimed that only the use of their own inkjet replacement products would maintain the warranty were guilty of unfair terms and conditions.

  -pops- 14:12 25 Jan 03

I think "PCW" says a lot there!!;-))

Other compatibles are known to be reliable.

Cartridges aren't a problem to me as I use a cheap B/W laser printer for general printing. Very, very cheap to run - 3,000 or so pages per £35 toner pack.

I only use colour inkjet when it's absolutely necessary - not very often as most stuff is quite acceptable in black, white and greys.


  so3003 14:23 25 Jan 03

Unless you spill ink all over your printer, there is no permanent indication left that you've been using compatible cartridges.

If you have any need to show the printer to an HP representative, have an original cartridge sitting nicely in the slot.....

  Djohn 15:17 25 Jan 03

Also this company puts in writing that if their ink causes any problem to your printer that the manufacture will not cover, then they will.

click here

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:48 25 Jan 03

I work on the theory that after 3 compatable tanks from Choicestationary I've saved enough to buy a new printer should it go wrong. It hasn't so I've won in the end.

People have said that HP printers are the ones that its worth using originals with, but that depends on what you print. If its mainly text don't worry about it too much.

  Hotfingers 16:59 25 Jan 03

In one edition of PcAdvisor they do say that Printer manufacturers do not support the use of cartridges not made by themselves and that the use of such would invalidate the warranty if the fault could be put down to the cartridge. The only manufactuer that did was Lexmark. Third party and recycled cartridges have been known to damage printers in the past but are supposed to have been improved. Some even offer a garentee so that if it was shown to have damaged the printer they would replace the printer.

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